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Potable and Emergency Water in NH and MA

We have helped many people with emergency water problems.

Fortin Pool Water provides emergency delivery of bulk potable water in NH. We are are registered with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. We are able to truck water year round*.

Need emergency bulk water in NH call  603-622-6910
Private Water Systems
Water for wells.
Community Water Systems
Water for public drinking supplies.
Small Systems
Large Systems
Transient Systems
Business Emergency
Water for business emergencies.
Food Manufacturing

Below are a couple of links you may find useful.

NH Department of Enviromental Services (DES).

Bulk Water for public water systems is something Fortin Pool Water takes very seriously. We are registered with NH DES and have helped out many communities get through their emergency situations. The NH DES has put together a eight page "Emergency Bulk Water for Public Systems" fact sheet.

Manchester Water Works.

The City of Manchester provides us with the majority of our water. With a line going directly into our facility, we can offer you the service needed in emergency situations. Manchester Water Works is committed to providing high quality, safe water.

200 ft. of hose is included with the listed prices. Additional hose costs $20.00 per 50 ft. If more than 400 ft. of hose is needed please let us know, as the trucks normally only carry 400 ft.

*Prices do not include any applicable sales tax and are subject to change without notice.