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Reasons to Use Fortin Storage

Some Great Reason to Use Fortin Storage.

Containers lined up.

Clean Well Kept Storage Units.

We take great pride in our storage containers. They are all maintained “in-house” by our hard working team and their goal is to provide you with safe, secure, water tight containers.

Knowledgable Staff.

We have been serving New England since 1947. Our office staff is ready and willing to answer all your questions. This means you don’t get any surprises.

Professional Courteous Drivers.

Safety is our number one priority. Our drivers have the experience to safely place the containers where and how you want them. We deliver every container as if it was our own.

Containers lined up.

Consistent Neutral Colors.

Whether you need one or 15 containers, you can rest assured that we will be delivery you a beautiful “Fortin Gray” container. This helps maintain a proper esthetic for your area.

Containers lined up.

Free Blocking Provided.

We place blocks on the ground before we drop the container. Just another was we try to decrease any impact of the container on your property. The blocks also help us to level the container which makes the doors easier to open and close.