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Modular Storage Containers in NH, MA, ME and VT

Ground Level Office
20' Ground Level Office Container
Perfect for job sites.
Temporary Office Space.
Weather Tight.
Office Area
20 foot Office Container
Comes with Desk and Chair.
Electrical Outlets.
Storage Area
20 Ground Level Office Container
Barn Door storage Area.
Weather Tight.

Now Available! Ground Level Office Containers.

Part office, part storage container. Convenient ground level office container offers easy entry and exit without steps.

Made with security in mind. Our GLOCS have security features, including sturdy welded steel security bars on windows.

Our drivers have the experience to deliver containers where you want them. Call now for availabilty and prices.

Electric Connection
Electric Connection

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door direction office container

We deliver ground level storage containers to most parts of New Hampshire and Massachusetts and service some areas of Maine and Vermont.